Old vs. New: How has security equipment changed over the years?

Technology always changing is the one thing we can always count on, and home security equipment is not immune. With the introduction of smart home automation, this technology is changing faster than ever. Do you know what past security equipment was like?

Home security has been around in one form or another since the Stone Age, which means it has changed a lot. We decided to take a look at some of the products that have changed the most, and see how far they’ve come.


Old – Surprisingly, the doorbell has gone through many stages of evolution. It was first invented in the1800s as a loud electric buzzer, but devices to announce a visitor had been around long before that. The first doorbells were door-knockers and small bells. Despite a long history, doorbells weren’t commonly used until the 1900s!

New – Doorbells have come a long way. Now, we enjoy innovative doorbell cameras, so we don’t even have to get off the couch to see who’s at the door. Although they seem like a lazy person’s dream, they are actually convenient for everyone – especially those with a busy schedule. You no longer have to wait around for packages because now you can check on that delivery from anywhere. Who knew doorbells would end up being so convenient?

Security Cameras

Old – The security camera was invented in 1942 to observe V2 rockets in Germany. Even though it was invented in the 40s, security cameras weren’t used in public places until the 1960s. Unsurprisingly, security cams were first used in banks before transitioning to all retail and, eventually, homes. 

New – Video monitoring has come a long way since its invention, and now there are approximately 25 million security cameras throughout the world. Security cams have moved into homes, and cameras deter 67% of burglaries. With wireless capabilities, monitoring your home from anywhere has never been easier. This product is one that is always changing and improving, so be sure you stay up-to-date!

Smoke Alarms

Old – Another device with a surprisingly long history, smoke alarms were first developed in 1922 and came to be in the early 1940s. After years of researching, developers found that smoke alarms significantly decreased home fires and death by fire. Replacing heat detectors, smoke alarms were officially required in homes by 1971.

New – Once requiring high voltage levels, there are now wireless smoke alarms and devices to make monitoring them easier than ever. FireFighter is a product that monitors all of the smoke alarms in your house at once, without having to be plugged in. So, no matter where you are, FireFighter is watching the house and reporting back to you if anything happens.

Home security is always changing, but it’s always for the best. Almost all products have a long history and have been through many stages of development, so you know you’re getting the very best.

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