You don’t need to protect
your doors and windows

Do you live in a door and windowless home? Is it basically a bunker? If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about. For those of us who live above ground, did you know your doors and windows are one of the most vulnerable points of entry to your home?

Burglars most commonly enter the home from the front door, an open window, or a sliding glass door. That means your house is vulnerable to a home invasion, but why should you be concerned? It’s not like you have any valuables, such as cash, electronics, and jewelry, right?

If you own anything valuable, listen up. We’ve compiled a convenient list of tips to help keep your home safe.

Burglars are bolder than you think

Did you know that 34% of break-ins are done through the front door? When we think of break-ins, our mind usually goes to broken windows, but that is simply not the case. You might think your deadbolt is doing the job, but will it alert you when it’s opened? With smart locks, you’ll know the second your door has been unlocked, no matter where you are. Go the extra mile and invest in a doorbell camera that will allow you to view and speak to whoever is at the door.

Windows are easily forgotten

Another hot spot for burglars is an open window, especially during the warmer months. These are quicker and quieter to open than the front door, making them especially vulnerable. With a sensor, you will receive a notification if the window is opened or closed. If you think you left a window open, you can check the app to see which one you forgot about.

Glass doors show off what’s in your home

Sliding glass doors are great for providing natural light and adding variety in your external doors. However, they are prime targets for burglars. When it comes to forcibly breaking into a home, glass doors are perfect because of the tempered glass. Since this glass is designed for safety, burglars don’t have to worry about injuring themselves. A glass break sensor is ideal for these doors, since it can detect the moment glass shatters and alarm you immediately.

So, if you aren’t living in a fallout shelter, it’s time to safeguard your doors and windows. 

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