Why not purchase a new security system this spring?

Bring on spring break, warm weather, and outdoor adventures because spring will be here before we know it. While you and your family are out enjoying the spring temperatures, is there anyone keeping an eye on your home? Give yourself one less thing to worry about this upcoming season by installing a home security system.

Here are top five ways a security system will make your spring easier than ever:

You’ll save money

Through smart products such as thermostats and light bulbs, you can regulate your home remotely and take control of your utility bill. While you save on energy costs, you will also receive an average discount of 10-20% on your homeowners insurance simply for having a home security system.

Protect your home from more than burglary

Home security systems are for more than catching criminals. Did you know your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors can be monitored, too? Along with the rest of your home, your most important sensors will be constantly monitored to keep you and your family safe.

Check in anytime, anywhere

Even while you’re away on spring break, you can always check in on your home. With one handy app, you can tune-in to your security cameras and every other aspect of your home security. You can enjoy your getaway without wondering how everything is going at home.

Your home takes care of itself

Through your control panel, automating your home is even easier. Set your home to lock the front door automatically, set lights to turn on and off, and receive notifications if anything out of the ordinary happens. You will barely have to lift a finger when it comes to controlling your home.

Enjoy peace of mind

With a home security system, you’ll never wonder what’s going on at the house while you’re trying to enjoy your summer. With home automation and security, you’ll have control of your home from anywhere.

Spend the upcoming warm months worry-free, and start protecting your home this season!

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